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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mother's Day Art Ideas

I try to do art rather than craft for my lessons but some occasions call for a craft! Having your little boy or girl come home to you with something made from their handprint is truly lovely and it is something you will treasure forever. So for Mother's Day I think handprint/footprints/fingerprints all the way!!!






1. A string of flowers in a pot

A mother's love
and tender care
makes happiness
bloom everywhere.

Four flowers - I - love - you - and a photo on the last flower.

2. I love you, Maaaaaa-m! 

Use white paint to make fingerprints for the sheep.

3. Mothers are like buttons, they hold everything together.

 Kids can draw the body or make it with scraps of wrapping paper/fabric.

4 & 5. Beau-TEA-ful Mother's Day!

A cup of tea to say thank you

For everything you have done

Enjoy, relax, and have a day

Of happiness and fun!


Here is a gift 

for Mother's Day

I'll try my best 

in every way

But if you get 

Upset with me

Relax and have a 

cup of tea!


Here is a gift 

for Mother's Day

I'll try my best 

in every way

Sent with love to you

From me

So relax and have a 

cup of tea!


I'm not always just perfect,
Even though I try.
Sometimes when I'm not so great,
You give a little sigh!

On days like that I wish
I could give you cause to smile
And have you put your feet up,
To rest a little while.

So the next time you're tired,
And it's because of me,
Please sit down and relax a while,
And have a cup of tea!

1. Wishing stone / Stepping stone

This beautiful wishing stone,

From our Irish shore.

Health, wealth, happiness 

Love, luck and more! 

Hold it in your hand and make a wish! 

Happy Mother's Day! 


When you step upon this stone
Just think about how much I've grown.
I made this in my own special way
To show you my love on mother's day.

Happy Mother's Day! 

2. I love you to pieces!

A heart covered in torn paper pieces, works as a card or a gift.

3. Georgia O'Keeffe watercolour flower with a poem written along the outline.

4. Handful of flowers 

This could be done with a handprint or children could trace around their hand and cut it out.

Just one little wish for you, Mam,

But it's loving and happy and true -

It's a wish that the nicest and best things

Will always keep coming to you!

5. Portrait of mother and child in the style of Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt focused on the private lives of women and the close bond that forms between mother and child. A perfect artist to look at and respond to for Mother's Day. 

More to come! 

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