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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Book Review - Art Workshops for Children, Hervé Tullet

I am a book addict! I love picture books but I do enjoy a grown up book as often as I can. Recently I have started to build my collection of non fiction books. It was while browsing my favourite book site for new publications that I came across 'Art Workshops for Children'. I couldn't resist, the cover was bright and beautiful, I was sold!

Energetic! This book bursts with energy! I spend a rainy Sunday reading it and by the time I had finished my day felt bright and sunny. The passion of the author is perfectly captured on every page. His belief is that art isn't about making 'nice pictures' rather it is about creating freely. 

Tullet describes the facilitator of the workshop as a conductor leading the participants through the workshop. Creating an environment where the children are free to be creative. The dialogue he uses and the rhythm he establishes creates an atmosphere of creative energy. Take a look on YouTube to see how active the workshops are. 

This is process art. There aren't instructions on what exactly to draw or paint, rather a script for you to use to guide the children. You won't find step by step pictures of how it should look, as pk,
each time your class will create something different. The book includes 11 workshops with ideas for variations of each one. 

Each workshop includes :

1. A list of materials and practical tips. 

2. A full script with easy to follow instructions.

3. Photos of workshops in progress and illustrated examples of results.

4. Clever games to free your artists of their inhibitions.

Suitable for small or large groups, you can easily adapt these to suit the space available to you. Or when the weather improves (I live in hope!) try having your art lesson outside! 

Our visual art curriculum is centered on the process of art and not the product, but I sometimes feel under pressure to display pretty pictures! This book equips you with all the ideas you need for art classes that are fun and process focused. 

I really think that these ideas will give children the confidence to make art and not worry about doing it the right way or think that they can't. 

I have reviewed other art resource books and while they contain good ideas I feel that the lessons veer towards creating a product, this book does not! An inspiring art book to add to your collection, I know mine will get used again and again. 

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