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Sunday 7 February 2016

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! 

I really enjoy celebrating the Chinese New Year with my class every year. Art wise I have printed cherry blossoms with the end of a bottle before and we draw the animal relevant to the year. I buy fortune cookies, read 'Dim Sum for Everyone' and we watch a short video on the story of Nian.  

This is a lovely story and my class had great fun making dim sum out of playdoh afterwards. 

Below are some ideas I thought were nice. I have included links to the relevant sites under each picture. 

Chinese Lanterns

Ming Vases

Willow Pattern Plates

This is a perfect lesson on tints and shades. 

Seomra Ranga have a script based on "The Story of the Willow Pattern Plate"

Folded Paper Lantern

These could be decorated with monkeys as 2016 is the year of the Fire Monkey.

Wool Dragon 

Unfortunately the link is only to the uploaded picture. It looks like once the wool is glued to the page a dragon in drawn following the curve of the line with oil pastels or chalk. I really like the triangular head and tail. Chinese dragons are a sign of power, strength and good luck. 


I think this simple monkey painted in black paint and mounted on red paper is very striking. Children can paint their monkey in any pose. 

The link is to an Etsy page but the art work is great for inspiration. 

Happy Chinese New Year

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