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Friday, 4 March 2016

Hattie Peck! Art Egg-spiration!

As yesterday March 3rd was World Book Day I bought a new book. Not that I need a reason to buy a new book but anyway.... Hattie Peck came to live with us. 

To be honest I didn't read it until I got home (I don't usually do this!) as I was in Aldi getting my shopping. The cover caught my eye and I thought even if the story wasn't great the illustrations made it worthy for the bookshelf. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I got home. It is a lively and heart warming story about a loving hen desperate to be a mummy. Hattie has so much love to give but no egg to share it with, so she sets off to find herself some eggs! The ending is very sweet and presents a great opportunity for further investigation into creatures that lay eggs!

My senior infants class painted hens, chicks and eggs a few years ago and I think this story would work really well with that lesson. The children could paint their own Hattie (in any colour) surrounded by her eggs of all colours and sizes. 

I used a mix of cream and yellow paper but I think the brighter yellow paper looks better. When we created our painting we started by using pencils to draw the outline of a hen, 3/4 eggs and 3/4 chicks. We then painted them in white/lemon/cream. Once dry we used black oil pastels to trace over the outlines and add details such as eyes etc. Some hens were given red beaks and tail feathers. 

I would love to see your versions of Hattie with her eggs if you give this lesson a go. 
It is perfect for Easter and they really brightened up our corridor. 😊