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Monday, 20 June 2016

Collaborative Art for Senior Classes

I recieved a message asking for some ideas for collaborative art with 5th class. Here are a few ideas that can work with senior classes.

1. Collaborative drawing

Have the kids write a theme on a piece of  paper and put in a box. Each group takes a piece of paper and creates a drawing on the theme. Large roll of paper and space for all the group to work on the same page is needed. Space, summer, food, animals, farm, take away, sweets, could all work as themes.

2. Shade and tint group painting 

Tint add white
Shade add black

Each group paints a picture using only 3 colours. A pure colour, white and black, to create tints and shades of the colour. Giving a topic can help, so maybe a song, movie or book title. The other groups can try to guess what the picture depicts. 

3. Circle Paintings

4. Dice Art

Create three die, one with 6 different lines on each side, one with different colours and one with different shapes. In small groups the kids take turn to roll two die (the colour dice must be rolled each time) and draw the corresponding line/shape. A large sheet of paper for the group to work on is needed. Oil pastels, chalk, paints or pencils can be used. 

5. Dice Games

Lots of these games are on Pinterest like the Roll a Harring below. Perfect for a collaborative project. 

6. Body Art

If you have paper large enough you can have the kids lie down and draw around each other. The shapes should over lap. Then using paint they can fill in the over lapping shapes and then the other shapes using lots of different shades and tints. 

Or choose one child from each group to be traced around in an interesting pose. Them the group can complete the psinting in the style of Keith Harring. 

7. Colour Wherl Collage

A nice way to revise the colour wheel and create a display for your class. Each group takes a colour and glues pieces of paper in their chosen colour to their section. When complete the sections are glued together to create the colour wheel or flower!