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Thursday, 1 October 2015

To infinity and beyond!!

World Space Week 4th - 10th October 

The theme this year is 'Discovery'. 
What might you discover on another plant? Aliens perhaps?!

These blow paint aliens are fun and fast.

1. Mix a little paint with water. 
2. Drop a teaspoon of the mixture on the page. 
3. Turn the page to create legs/arms. 
4. Gently blow the paint to make spikes etc. 
You can use straws to blow the paint around if you prefer. 
5. Add eyes (sticker eyes were used here) and a mouth once dry.

Or how about creating your own planets?!

Planet Printing

You need : Black paint and some found objects to print circles. 

When paint is dry fill in the circles with crayons or oil pastels. 

Mix a little paint with water and paint over the entire page. The crayons/oil pastels resist the paint. Add some silver or gold paint for a little sparkle 😊

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