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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Scary Pumpkins!!

Halloween costumes are out in all the shops so I figure it's ok to mention it now. 

I saw these scary pumpkins a few years ago and thought they were really eyecatching. 

I gave my kids some red and yellow paint and they mixed them on their page to make the Orange they wanted. They painted a pumpkin shape and we let them dry. 

The next part of the lesson takes a bit longer. They kids cut out their pumpkin and glued it onto a black page (A3). They then cut out a mouth, teeth, eyes, and grass from coloured paper. 

I try not to give a huge amount of instruction as I prefer the kids to be creative. However before they paint their pumpkin I ask them to make sure their pumpkin is big and fills the page! Nothing worse then having a tiny pumpkin!!! 

If you try this out let me know how your class get on. :)

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