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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Vampire Spiders!

I have been asked for Hallowe'en art ideas for infants. So here is an easy yet effective idea for the paint and colour strand.

I have to say it is lovely when kids come home with handprint or footprint crafts. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest, just have a browse. One of my favourites is 'Trick or treat, smell my feet!'

I love the nail varnish on these feet! Unfortunately the link to the original site for this is a dead link but it's pinned on my Halloween Pinterest board. 

Something that allows for more creativity than handprints or footprints is painting! 
This idea uses coloured card and black paint. Sounds easy, well it is!

Vampire Spiders

It's Halloween after all!

1. Using black paint, paint two circles on coloured paper. Use a mix of colours for your paper, they will look lovely when they are on display. 

2. Add 8 legs.

3. Once the paint is dry glue on a nose (I like the kids to pick the shape and cut out the nose themselves)

4. Cut two circles from white paper, draw pupils and stick onto your spider. Add two triangle fangs! 

Tah Dah! A vampire spider!!

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