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Sunday, 6 September 2015

International Dot Day

International Dot Day September 2015

'The Dot' is a heart warming story about trying something even when you think you can't do it. It is about teachers seeing potential and encouraging students to give it a go. 

So on September 15th try some dot art with your class and celebrate this great book. If you don't have a copy of the book then watch this video.

The educators handbook has lots of great ideas and printables to help you plan some activities for the day. Available here

The coffee filter dots are a lovely ideas for younger classes. Decorate coffee filters with markers and spray with water to get a lovely tie dye look. When dry mount on coloured paper to display. 

Alternatively cut circles from kitchen towel and fold as often as you can. Mix food colouring and a little water in containers (one each of yellow, red, and blue). Dip the edges of the folded circle into the coloured water. Unfold carefully and allow to dry. 

Here are some other ideas for International Dot Day:

1. Scratch Art 
Paint over thick layer of wax crayons. Once dry scratch your design. 

2. More scratch art
This is so easy. Fold a page in half, on the inside draw a circle and colour in with a heavy layer of wax crayon. Fold it closed and draw your design on the outside, over the circle. Open up to reveal two dots!! 

3. Negative printing
Cut a circle or a number of circles and blue tac them to your page. Sponge print paint your page/print using found objects/stamps. Carefully remove the circles to reveal your dots. 

4. Printing with circles
Recycle bottle caps, cardboard tubes, thread spools, or whatever you can find to use as stamps. Have fun experimenting 😊

5. Collaborative Circle Painting 
One of my favourite art activities. Join pages together to form a long strip, so children can work in rows on either side. Each child needs a paint brush and one container of paint (just one colour). Each child paints a circle/dot, they can then move places or swap colours with another child. Making sure to use their manners and ask nicely. They can layer designs, circles and dots. 

6. Painting around a hole
Cut a circle from a sheet of paper and see what you can create. 

7. Pointillism 
Look at the works of Seurat and create a picture using cotton sticks.

8. Aboriginal Art
Look at examples of Aboriginal art and have a go creating your own. 

Take a look at my Pinterest board for more inspiration.

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