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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

World Animal Week

I'm not a fan of pigeons, but with World Animal Week approaching I've decided to set aside my feelings and paint a pigeon (a picture of one as I'd never touch one).

Oh isn't he cute!

This is so easy.
1. Paint a circle of any size in whatever colour you choose. This will be the head. 
2. Paint a strip (this is the neck) from the circle down toward the bottom of the page. It can be as thin or fat as you like! Remember to leave room for the legs and body.
3. Paint a line from the bottom of the neck out to the side of the page (in one direction only).
4. Paint a semicircle from the line you have drawn back to meet the bottom of the neck. Fill in with paint ( this is the body)
5. Nearly done now! With a darker paint add legs and a wing. You can decide how your pigeon is standing or maybe he's flying! 
6. Cute and glue a white circle onto the head, draw on a black dot for a pupil. 
7. Add a beak and Tah Dah!!! 

Enjoy 😊

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