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Tuesday 5 January 2016

New Year - New Art

I hope everyone has had a lovely break and is ready for a new year. :)

I've really enjoyed the holidays and am spending the last day of them snuggled on the sofa with my little one. As of tomorrow it will be back to planning lots of art lessons, but for now I've had a browse on Pinterest and pulled together a few ideas for New Year art. 

One of my favourite ideas is the scratch art night scene. Firstly cover one page in yellow crayon and a second page in lots of colours. It is important to lay the crayon on thickly. Paint both pages with black paint. 

Once dry use a lollipop stick to scratch building outlines and windows on the page with yellow crayon.

On the second page use a lollipop stick to scratch fireworks. Cut around the fireworks and stick above the buildings.

Tah Dah!

Alternatively draw fireworks using crayon on an A4/A3 page. Cover with a wash (paint watered down) of dark blue or black. Once dry cut out building in black paper and glue along the bottom of the page. Cut out windows in yellow paper and glue these onto the buildings so it appears that some lights are still on (who's up watching the fireworks?). 

Check out my Pinterest page @IrishPrimaryArt for links and more inspiration. 

Happy New Year :) 


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