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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Art ideas for substitute teachers

Are you subbing? Sometimes a teacher will ask you to do some art with the class or they may suggest you do a lesson of your choice. So it is handy to have a few go to art lessons that can be completed in an hour.

Of the six strands I think "Looking and Responding" or "Drawing" are the easiest to approach when subbing. Trying to find paints and organise supplies in a room you don't know isn't ideal! 

1. Save a few images of famous paintings by an artist or of a similar theme to a usb and you have an art lesson ready to go. Have the children draw their own version of the painting and if you want to tie in literacy have them write a poem or story in response to the painting. 

2. For older classes one point perspective is very effective. 

Or foreshortening

3. I love a lesson that can be used with any class and the next is one of those. Where would you take Mona Lisa to make her smile? Print out a a few sheets of the famous Mona Lisa. Kids stick the image wherever they want and draw the place they would bring her. I've used this with senior infants and it was great fun. 

Don't forget to give Da Vinci a mention! 

There are lots of videos on YouTube

4. Continuous line drawings

There are lots of continuous line drawings. The owl or fish is one I'd try with older classes and I think the loopy fish would be more appropriate for younger classes.

5. Or these coloured circles. Circles are decorated, then cut into quarters and glued to a white square in any direction. They look lovely displayed together. 

6. Draw a Story
A very quick lesson!

Best of luck subbing and don't forget to share your art with us on Facebook (PrimaryArt) :)

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