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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Show your support!

I was asked by a fellow teacher for art ideas for junior/senior infants, to display in support of upcoming GAA matches in her county.

I often struggle myself to come up with ideas for occasions like this so I sat down and I’ve put together a few ideas that can be used for all classes.

County Flags

For infant classes I like the simple hand printing idea. I’m a big fan of ‘The West Wing’ and have always liked the flag in the White House made up of kids handprints.
So why not make a version of your county’s flag.

Or make smaller individual flags with a handprint of each county colour on half an A4 page. Use a straw for the flag pole and have fun waving them! It is a nice simple introduction to printing.

Or arrange the hands to form a heart!

Hurley Collage

I have included a template of a hurley, print it off and glue on brown paper squares. You can add some tape/paper strips in your county colours and if you want you can also print a sliotar on the hurley in white paint using a sponge/vegetable.

Try some still life drawing with older classes! Use a football and leave them experiment with shading to show shape. Use a hurley and sliotar and focus on drawing the outlines first and then adding shading.

Not forgetting Football!

How about painting grass on blue paper as your background. Then using strips of white paper/lollypop sticks to create goal posts, add netting from fruit if you can collect some. Don't forget to stick on a football.

This can be easily adapted for older classes, have them draw in the crowd before adding the goal posts. Try this video on youtube how to draw crowds people drawing easy

Team Supporters

I have a jersey template that can be painted or coloured in with crayons/oil pastels etc.
I have also included a circle to represent a face; the children can draw their face and add hair with wool. These can be displayed together as the crowd watching the matches! If you really want you can add folded paper strips for arms and legs!!

Or just use the circle template and a paper plate. Children can draw and colour in their faces. Cut some rectangles (teacher) from the paper plate so it resembles a helmet (can be painted appropriate colours if you want) and stick over the face. 


On white card do a handprint (using your county colours), print out your county crest and children can stick this in the middle. Glue strips of coloured paper to the back and when dry add a pin/ string for children to wear. These can be hung as decorations if you prefer. Nice to talk about your county’s crest and colours.

Hope these ideas are useful and best of luck with the upcoming matches! :)

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