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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Early Childhood Art - Collage and Construction - Review

Prim Ed very nicely  sent me their art resource books at the start of the summer. I was caught up with moving house (Nice start to the holidays!) and am only getting to post my first review now.

When my box of books arrived I had a quick glance at them all. This one jumped out at me as the pages are full of coloured photos of the children creating their art.

I will review each book under the same headings, just to be fair ;)



Dust Rating

Early Childhood Art – Collage and Construction
Amelia Ruscoe


This book has rich colours, an abundance of photographs, and is easy to follow. Each activity is explained over two pages. The information is organised under headings such as, Resources, Key Questions, and Preparation.

The last page of the book is an art storeroom stock list. This is great to have when organising your supplies, or have it copied and stuck inside your art press with the items you have highlighted.


There are 53 art activities in the book, split into 4 sections, Collage, Construction, Textiles, and Modelling. I think this book would be a great resource for anyone teaching infants, first or second class. 

Often when you get a book of art projects I find I only use one or two ideas in class. I want to try out all of these!  My favourites include String collage,  paper rollercoaster and glue drop collage.

I particularly like the photos of the children working as well as the finished artwork. The foucus in on the process, using different materials, and appreciating the outcomes.

Dust Rating

I couldn’t decide what to call this category....! Basically I am asking myself would I use this book or will it sit on the shelf gathering dust?

So one being thick with dust and five being dust free, I will award this book 5/5! 

Easy to dip into, lots of easy ideas and covers a great range of skills.

I think it would be a great addition to any teacher’s library. 

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