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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Fields of Flowers

I have been so busy lately and have neglected the blog! My apologies to anyone who has missed me!

I finally got to use a lesson from Hervé Tullet's 'Art Workshops for Children'. Not only did I throughly enjoy it but I am so happy with the results too. Bright and beautiful flowers to adorn the class walls. 

I set up a row of tables across the class (no seats needed) and covered them in newspaper. I placed A3 white paper in a line down the table but I didn't tape the pages together as I needed to place the sheets on racks to dry.

Each child was given a paintbrush and pot of paint (any colour except green). Once I had explained the idea and rules (to keep us safe as there is lots of moving around) we got started. 

The teacher leads the lesson by calling out instructions and guiding the children.

Here are some of the instructions I gave -

1. Paint a dot
2. Paint a bigger dot
3. Paint a circle
4. Paint a dot in a circle
5. Paint dots around a dot
6. Paint a circle in a circle

After each instruction I asked the children to change places. Remember you can repeat instructions as often as you see fit. Keep an eye on the work in progress, if you think a page is full remove it. If you see white space that needs to be filled point it out. 

Once all pages were nicely covered in flowers I collected the pots, cleaned the brushes to be used again, and gave out pots of green paint. Now the kids set to work adding stems and leaves to our flowers.

As before if a page is done remove it. Less is more :)

This lesson was lively and fun. I can't wait to try another one from the book! 

I only photographed one page, but isn't it lovely! 

Give it a try :) 

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