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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Paper Bag Art

I had hoped to get this post up ages ago! *hangs head in shame*

Here are four ideas for reusing paper bags this December. I have enough ideas for another post later this week so keep an eye out. 

1. Gift wrap

Open out the paper bag, if you can lay them out flat with heavy books on top it makes printing on them easier.

Use sponges or potatoes cut to the shape you desire to create a pattern. We printed the snowmen using a circle of sponge and the hat using a small cuboid. Once dry add details using markers.

2. Gift bags

We glued small pieces of paper over the logo on the paper bag and painted holly wreaths. Berries were added by dipping cotton buds into red paint. The wreath was painted by dipping the edge of an old loyalty card (credit card style) into green paint and then dragging in a circle. 
The bumpy effect is from the glued paper underneath. 

Any Christmas picture could be painted on your bag.

3. Paper Snowflakes

We cut large shapes from the paper bags, folded them and cut pieces from each side and edge to create snowflakes. These would look even prettier painted silver or gold!

4. Gingerbread Houses

On white paper we designed windows, doors and roof tiles. We coloured them in and cut them out. We folded an A4 sheet in half and glued it on for the roof. We then stuck on the tiles, windows and doors. 

You could make a pretty gingerbread village with shops or just lots of tasty houses. 

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