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Friday 13 November 2015

Easter Rising 1916

was asked for some art ideas in relation to the Easter Rising. I'm working on a few more ideas but I thought I'd share these with you. 

Brush drawings

The link is to a video of Barroux painting scenes from his graphic novel 'Line of Fire'. It is a brush drawing using Indian ink and a round tipped brush. The result is quiet stark and reflects the bleakness of the time.

If you are reading a novel on the Easter Rising it would be a nice idea to illustrate key scenes from it or maybe have your class write and illustrate diary entries.

The Ducks of St. Stephen's Green

Have you heard the story of how every day fighting ceased to allow the grounds keeper feed his ducks? I think this is a heartwarming tale and nice to share with younger classes. Tell them the story and paint or draw some ducks afterwards. 

Cardboard box street

Using cardboard boxes create Sackville street, now O'Connell street, where stands the GPO on the steps of which  the proclamation was read. 

Or make some of the key buildings using cardboard boxes. 

Illustrated map

A nice link to geography aswell as history, draw a general map of an area of Dublin City and illustrate events that took place. The reading of the proclamation, ducks in St. Stephen's Green, messenger boys on bicycles, etc 

Divide a map into sections, each group works on an area and then piece it back together.

Design a commemorative stamp

It is nice to explore printing when looking at stamps. 

Children can glue cardboard pieces to a square of card to create a collograph print. Another option is a monoprint, use an acetate or laminating pouche, cover evenly in ink/paint and draw your design use a cotton bud. 

There are lots of other ways to create a print so give them a try. 

I hope to have some more ideas for you soon. :)

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